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The school have facilities like...
School Clinic
There is a clinic located in each campus that is staffed by a qualified nurse. A doctor is on call for unusual cases and in case of emergency. In case of a medical complaint, a student should first request teacher permission to visit the nurse. If the teacher feels that the visit is indeed warranted, the teacher will fill out a hall pass for the student. The student will then take the Hall Pass to the clinic. After the clinic visit, the school nurse will initial the hall pass and note the time of departure. The student should then proceed directly back to class and give the Hall Pass back to the teacher. If the situation is more severe, the school nurse will liaise with the school principal who will contact the parents if necessary. Visits to the clinic should be kept to a minimum, except in the case of serious illness, emergencies or for those students who must take regular medication. Students may go to the clinic during their break or between classes; however, the school nurse has been asked to send the student to class with a Hall Pass indicating the time the student left the clinic office. Please note that any student who frequently shows up to class late with a Hall Pass from the school nurse will go on record with immediate notification sent to the principal’s office.
School Canteen
There is a cafeteria on campus where students may purchase sandwiches, snacks, and light meals. The cafeteria is available for use during lunch and morning break. Students may also bring their lunch from home. When using the cafeteria, queue for food and snacks in an orderly manner and pay at the cash desk. When you have finished your meal or snack, put litter in the bins provided and return trays to the tray stands. This will help make the cafeteria a pleasant place for us all to enjoy. A menu of healthy foods and snacks will be available at the cafeteria. Bear in mind that carbonated soft drinks (sodas), energy drinks, flavored milk, and non-fruit juices will not be available in the cafeteria; neither will foods high in sugar nor other additives are available in the cafeteria for students, faculty, or staff.

AIS request its parents to ensure that the student eats healthy and nutritious food which helps in his well-being. Kindly avoid aerated drinks, junk food, and food containing too much sugar, refrigerated and ready to eat meals.

The school canteen will be open during the first break. Eating and drinking will be allowed only during the break times. Students are prohibited to eat and drink during class.

No chewing of gum is allowed anytime during school hours on the school premises. Disciplinary action will be taken against such students by the Supervisor.

All students at school will be expected to go outside for recess. No student will be permitted to remain in class during break time except for health reasons.

NOTE: During the Holy Month of Ramadan the cafeteria will be closed for all food service.
Computer Laboratories
There are 4 computer labs, two each for the boys` and the girls` sections respectively. The KG section has a computer-cum-activity room. It provides students with extra opportunities for learning. Also, the boys’ and girls’ library is equipped with computers. Internet will soon be available in the library.
We have a spacious state-of-the-art library with reference books, periodicals, and internet-access computers. Our librarian is adequately qualified and will be ever-helpful to assist any student or faculty according to their needs.
Students are encouraged to visit the library and weekly visits are arranged.
School Transport
When transporting students to and from school, ensuring your child’s safety is our number one priority. Our bus drivers have increasingly expressed concerns about the enforcement of transportation rules.

To protect our children, only students and adults who are authorized may ride a school bus. Unauthorized personal will not be allowed to board the bus at any time for the safety of our students.

Students will be assigned specified bus stops and may not use another bus stop or ride another bus without the prior permission from the transportation officer of the school.

Students who are eligible for transportation services will no longer be authorized to ride another bus, either to or from school, to a friend’s home, or any other type of situation.

Kindergarten students must be met at the afternoon bus stop by a designated adult or parent. If the adult or parent is not at the bus stop the kindergarten student will be returned to the school after the elementary run is complete.

Inappropriate behavior while riding the bus can result in removal from the bus service for an indefinite period of time.

Riding on school buses to and from school is a privilege and lest the privilege be withdrawn there is a proper behavior and attitude which must be observed. The following specified modes of improper behavior are to be avoided:
a. Disrespect to fellow passengers
b. Destruction of property
c. Smoking
d. Improper speech
e. Littering and eating in the bus.
f. Talking loudly, shouting, using profanity, destroying property and fighting in the bus.
i. Leaving the seat and walking around in the bus. Aisles will be kept clear at all times.
j. Carrying valuables like cell phones, glass items, animals, balloons, skateboards, sharp instruments or other electronic devices on the school bus.
k. Jutting out arms and head outside the bus.
l. Throwing objects in the bus or out of the window.
m. Keeping of bags on the seats, in the pathways of the bus or in any such manner which will be a hindrance to other students travelling in the bus.

It should be remembered that the bus driver is in authority at all times, a student may be excluded for disciplinary reasons, from the privilege of riding a school bus and it shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide his/her transportation to and from school during the period of exclusion.

Every student will carry his/her ID. On not carrying so, the student may not be allowed to board the bus.
Lockers are provided for students to avoid carrying many heavy books to and fro.
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