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It is the aim of the American International School to encourage and support family involvement in education, at home, in our school and community.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL encourages parents to work productively with teachers and administrators by staying informed about their child and important events in the life of the school. Thoughtful questions and suggestions are welcomed. It is incumbent upon the school to provide parents with timely and pertinent information. Parents can best support a school climate of trust and respect by communicating concerns openly and constructively to the teacher or administrator closest to the problem. Efforts by parents to lobby other parents are viewed by the school as counterproductive.

The American International School respects the role of families as important decision-makers for their children’s education. The school is committed to the creation and implementation of culturally inclusive and effective schoolfamily partnerships and believes these partnerships to be critical to the success of every student. Research proves that parental involvement is one of the most significant factors contributing to a child’s success in school. When parents are involved in their children’s education, the level of student achievement increases. Students attend school more regularly, complete more homework in a consistent manner, and demonstrate more positive attitudes towards school. Successful school-parent partnerships are supportive relationships in which staff and parents work together to improve student learning. The PTSA is an organization established to develop a partnership between parents, teachers and students. It serves as a type of forum where parents, teachers, administrators, and other concerned adults discuss ways to promote quality education, encourage community involvement, and work for a safe, healthy environment.

Parents and Governance
Being an independent private school, decision-making authority at the highest level resides in an owners and volunteer Board of governance. The Board of governance does not intervene in the daily affairs of the school, such as curriculum development and the hiring, evaluating, or firing of faculty and staff. Instead, the Board focuses on three areas critical to the success of the school:

• It selects, evaluates, and supports the headmaster, to whom it delegates authority to manage the school
• It develops broad institutional policies that guide the headmaster in running the school
• It is accountable for the overall school direction.
• It is accountable for financial well-being of the school.

Parents with concerns about the school or decisions made by the administration or faculty are encouraged to inquire about and follow the school’s review process. Quite often school trustees interact with others within the school community and hear concerns about the daily operation of the school. As a matter of good practice, trustees report those concerns to the headmaster.

Open house
An Open House will be held in late September, during which parents will have the opportunity to meet their child`s teacher. Periodic meeting will be held and parents will be intimated about the same at that time. It is advisable for Parents to meet the Class teacher and all concerned Program teachers to know the progress of their child and take necessary steps to ensure the child does better.

Parent Conferences
Formal parent/teacher conferences are scheduled three times a year to facilitate open communication between parents and teachers regarding students’ progress. Refer to the School calendar for specific dates.

Parent`s Involvement
Parents play an essential and positive role in the life of an independent school. Not only are parents advocates for their children but they also support the faculty and administration through extensive volunteer activities and events. When parents choose to enroll their child in, American International School they agree to subscribe to its mission, follow its rules, and abide by its decisions. However, American International School faculty believes that trust and mutual respect are the most essential underpinnings of effective working relationships with parents.

While parents may not agree with every decision made by the school, in most cases the parent and school will find enough common ground to continue a mutually respectful relationship. In extreme cases, however, differences may be so severe that the parent cannot remain a constructive member of the community. In such cases, both the parent and the school should consider whether another school would be a better match for the family.

AIS maintains an open door policy in welcoming parents to visit their children’s classrooms to see them in action. We do ask that parents notify the office upon arriving to the school for a visit to a classroom so as to keep disruptions to a minimum. Pre-arranged observations are preferred so that there are no conflicts in the schedule or disrupting a testing session. Informal conferences or conversations are encouraged and may also be scheduled with teachers or School leaders at any time throughout the year.

AIS welcomes its parents to actively participate and support School’s ongoing activities and voluntary program. Parents can contribute their valuable expertise and time in
the following ongoing programs:-

1. School functions- Annual concerts, Fundraisers etc.
2. Parents are encouraged to give their suggestions on the improvement of the school.
3. The Cultural Program of the school.
4. Field Trips, Workshops etc

Parents are advised to actively participate in their child’s education and welfare. The school believes in partnership with the parents in doing its best for its students.

Parent Visitation Procedure
Parents wishing to visit the School Principal, Vice Principal, Head of Department or any teacher, will have to take prior appointment from the School Secretary. Please state the name of the concerned person to be visited. After confirming with the concerned person, the School Secretary will provide the parent with an appointment. The parent will come to school through the Main door and report to the School Secretary. The School Secretary will direct the parent to the concerned person. In case of a delay or cancellation of an appointment, parents can reschedule the same on another day.

Parent-Teacher Communication
Parents wishing to speak with their child`s teacher must make an appointment through the school`s reception or the child`s section`s supervisor.

Parent-Teacher Meetings
Regular meetings will be scheduled at the end terms one and two in order to distribute Term Reports, and discuss the results.

Complaints and Suggestions
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter. Our student’s safety is our priority. Please send your complaints and suggestions to our principal at info@aisschool.net. If you wish to meet in person, it is necessary to schedule an appointment. We look forward to a prosperous learning year 2014-2015.

School Website
All parents can login to our school website at http://aisschool.net/index.php by using their login ID and password for all the information regarding school and their children.

The following information can be found online: student’s marks, remarks about performance from teachers, school calendar, upcoming events, announcements and holidays, homework and assignments.

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