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A courteous and cooperative attitude is a must at all times in the school. Cooperation is the keynote to success.

  • Teachers will report behavioral issues to the appropriate Supervisor, who will contact the parents and proceed with the appropriate action. Behavioral issues are categorized as “minor” and “major”.
  • ”MINOR” infractions include: classroom, hallway or cafeteria disturbance.
  • ”MAJOR” infractions include: cheating, stealing, fighting, disrespect of authority.

It is expected of Students to:

  1. Speak in English at all time on the school premises except when they attend the Arabic class or the Islamic Program. No student will be allowed to communicate in any other language except English.
  2. Greet visitors and staff with respect and courtesy.
  3. Treat all staff members with respect.
  4. Behave honestly at all times.
  5. Respect the school and its property. Students are advised to take care of the school property and the premises. Any student misbehaving or damaging the property will have to bear the consequences.
  6. Behave properly at all times. Good behavior will be awarded. Students bearing impeccable behavior will be selected to become leaders, monitors and to hold other deemed positions in the school.
  7. No running around in school premises is allowed. Complete silence should be maintained in school by students when they go from one Program to another, while lining for their respective buses or when they return to their respective classes after the school assembly.
  8. Students will not be allowed to play HIT AND RUN GAMES or similar. This may cause dissention amongst the students which leads to verbal and physical fights. Such games which cause fights will not be tolerated by the school and the students causing same will face Disciplinary Actions.
Positive Consequence For Appropriate Behavior
Students may be recognized for appropriate behavior on a daily or weekly basis. Some examples of positive reinforcements that will be practiced include:
• Phone calls; notes in portfolio or folders
• Praise
• Certificates
• Free-time / Special outings
• Wall of Fame

Consequence of Unacceptable Behavior

Strict action will be taken which could be as follows:
• Detention in break time or in PE classes for a minor behavioral issue.
• After-school detention or mandatory Saturday attendance, after the 1st major behavioral issue.
• 1-day-suspension after the 2nd major behavioral issue.
• 2-day-suspension after the 3rd major behavioral issue.
• 3-day-suspension after the 4th major behavioral issue.
• One-week-suspension after the 5th major behavioral issue. In addition, the school will request expulsion through the Ministry of Education.

Criteria for Disciplinary Action
• Absenteeism (including cutting class), unexcused or excessive
• Aggressive behaviors, hitting, pushing, and shoving
• Cheating or Lying
• Carrying Dangerous articles like knives, sharp object etc to school
• Destruction of school property (includes writing on walls, etc)
• Disobedience and disrespectful behavior towards teacher or other staff members of the school
• Disruption of class, study or instruction
• Dress Code violations
• Leaving class without teacher’s permission
• Leaving school grounds without proper authorization
• Loitering on school property, including halls and classrooms
• Misuse of school property or property of others.
• Misuse of electronic communication devices.
• Use of Obscene and/or profane language or gestures.
• Possession of Obscene and/or profane writing, pictures, or articles,
• Sleeping in class.
• Tardiness.
• Theft or attempted theft of any article belonging to other students.
• Theft of school materials
• Use of threatening language or gestures
• Violence
• Smoking, in possession of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, dangerous or controlled substances or using drugs etc on the school premises

Consequences for Violation Include:

First time offence:
• Conference with student;
• Notification will be sent to parent or guardian;

Second time offence:
• Conference with student;
• Notification will be sent to parent or guardian;
• Detention or “other consequence” determined bythe site administrator.

Third time offence:
• Notification will be sent to parent or guardian;
• The student will be sent home with the parentor guardian;
• The student will be suspended for a week from school.

Cellular (Mobile) Phones
Students will not be allowed use of cell phones on school premises at anytime, for any reason. During school hours and while on the bus, cell phones and other electronic devices (unless authorized for school use) are not to be activated or used in any manner and must be stored out of sight.

First Offense:
The device will be confiscated by the staff member, labeled, and given to the administrator. The administrator will notify the parent/guardian and will return the device to the student at the end of the day.

Second Offense:
The device will be confiscated by the staff member, labeled and given to the administrator. A mandatory conference will be held with the parent/guardian and disciplinary actions will be imposed by administration (detention, work detail, and or even suspension for a stipulated period from school etc.).

Any future offenses:
This will result in the device being confiscated for the rest of the school year.

Inappropriate Material
Any material considered inappropriate by the administration will be confiscated. Such items include: cell phone, electronic games, non-academic magazines and books, playing/trading cards of any kind, match sticks, knives, sharp objects etc. The school reserves the right to sequester any such object found on the student which may be damaging or harmful to the safety of other students.

Students may not bring candy, toys, or other non-school related items to school unless approved by the teacher. The student assumes responsibility for any items brought from home. Toy weapons are strictly prohibited, and no headphones, radios, games, virtual pets, Game Boys, etc, are allowed and will be confiscated and only returned to a parent. Gum is NEVER allowed in school. Students caught with gum will be referred to the office on an office referral. This may lead to an in-school suspension. Please help us keep our school beautiful.

The use of drugs, controlled substances and alcohol is injurious to health and to a healthy school environment. Any student in possession, use, sale or distribution of drugs or alcohol on school property, on school provided transportation, at school sponsored or chaperoned functions, by students is prohibited and is an infringement against the school and UAE Law. Violation of this policy will result in the following:

First Violation:
Suspension from school and all school activities for a period of up to five days and/or until a Parent /Administrator conference takes place.

Second Violation:
Minimum suspension from school and all school activities for a period of not less than one month. A conference between the parent(s) or guardian(s) and the concerned school administrator(s).

The UAE Government has a zero tolerance policy regarding drug use or possession of drugs. AIS has a zero tolerance policy in regards to student possession or use of drugs. Indefinite suspension from school and all school activities until due process is finalized with probable expulsion from school.

Tobacco and Smoking
The possession, use, sale or distribution of tobacco is prohibited and will result in suspension. Repeated offenses will result in expulsion from the school.

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